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“Childish Gambino – This Is America (Official Video)”

I understand clearly what Childish Gambino is doing here. Its pretty clear and foggy that he is imitating or “making fun of” modern day mummble rapppers who usually have a Lil or Young in front of their name. This is seen with the imitated dance mockery routines in the video. Referring to the laise-faire mentality black males have towards serious racial/social issues. The self centeredness of black males and the desire of attention/fame is a direct result from childhood neglect. With a message that is intended to be so strong it should not be confused with foolery of any sort. This may be the approach, in an attempt to baby feed the lesson to the populace. But we arent talking to the babies of the populace. The message will be missed. The view numbers are obvious because the people have nothing else to do, hence why they need to be fed this type of message and others that are similar.

Blogger’s ‘vagina whitening’ post goes viral in worst way

RuPaul is first drag queen to get Hollywood star

RuPaul is first drag queen to get Hollywood star

Kendrick Lamar Thinks Rappers With Ghostwriters Can’t Be Considered The Best



I’m a Emcee and Kendrick Lamar is a thorough Emcee. I wholeheartedly agree.  No Artist can claim to be an Artist performing another’s work.  A person can be talented and have the skill to perform and sing but this does not mean they have the intellectual and passionate experience to poetically express themselves in a way that others can relate.  When one with talent can write then you are an artist. But if you can only perform without the skill of writing then you just have talent.