Washington Post: They evacuated to escape the deadly Camp Fire. Then norovirus invaded their shelter.

Washington Post: They evacuated to escape the deadly Camp Fire. Then norovirus invaded their shelter..

USA TODAY: 18 US volcanoes considered a ‘very high threat;’ Hawaii’s Kilauea is the most dangerous

USA TODAY: 18 US volcanoes considered a ‘very high threat;’ Hawaii’s Kilauea is the most dangerous.

NBCNews.com: Michael’s death toll rises to 11 as storm strengthens, heads north

NBCNews.com: Michael’s death toll rises to 11 as storm strengthens, heads north.

Danger remains even as flood waters recede in Hurricane Florence

“Danger remains even as flood waters recede in Hurricane Florence’s aftermath” – http://www.reuters.com/article/us-storm-florence/danger-remains-even-as-flood-waters-recede-in-hurricane-florences-aftermath-idUSKCN1M305N

Flash Flood in New Jersey washes dealership cars away.



Hail Storm Kills Two Zoo Birds : NPR



Largest Wildfire in Californias History

WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: Dead fish, turtles, manatees wash up on southwest Florida beaches | Fox News

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Earthquake news: Earth’s mantle has CRACKED leading to MORE tremors | Science | News | Express.co.uk



Much of East Coast under flood watch as wet, stormy pattern threatens region – ABC News



Florida beaches littered with dead sea turtles; scientists blame red tide | Fox News



MEGA EARTHQUAKE WARNING: Magnitude 7.0 quake predicted as planets align during Blood Moon | Weird | News | Express.co.uk

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Ring of FIRE: 10 earthquakes strike USA off coast of Oregon | Science | News | Express.co.uk



97 infected by norovirus at Maine beach, according to CDC | Fox News

Sheesh Louise. From what it says in this article the “Virus” spread as fast as lightning. By the way “Virus” as also the word “Pharmacy or Pharmacopeia”are high ranking Dark Age Devils. Any who, The rate of the symptoms of Dysentry are very similar to what we have here. Like the norovirus, people caught dysentry thru human feces contaminated water. The disease would attack the gastrointestinal tract, making one have bloody diarreha until they died. Dysentry was the cause of many different plagues in different locations all throughout Europe. Generally a person would only live from 3-5 hours once having the disease.

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Earthquake rattles central Oklahoma | KOKH


Vermont woman reveals horrific wild parsnip burns in warning about dangerous plant | Fox News


11-million-ton iceberg threatens to inundate tiny Greenland village with tsunami | Fox News


Virginia Teen Suffers Third-Degree Burns from Giant Hogweed: ‘Chunks of My Face Were Falling Off’


California mega-earthquake fear: Is the San Andreas fault at risk of the ‘Big One’? News


Helicopter rescues dogs in Augusta flood


Gulf Stream at weakest point in 1600 years, global warming is making it worse

I found an interesting article via Newsfusion Science News – I thought you might like it: