Detroit Free Press: Michigan Man gets Xbox in prison after leading police to wife’s body

Detroit Free Press: Michigan Man gets Xbox in prison after leading police to wife’s body.

Texas man arrested for allegedly groping woman on Southwest Airlines flight | Southwest Airlines | Dallas News


Controversy surrounds ‘robot sex brothel’ set to open in Houston |

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British woman found with turtle inside her vagina after she complained of pain – Kidspot


Pregnant woman dies after inserting parsley into her vagina | Metro News

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Teacher who had sex with 2 teens said she ‘couldn’t control’ self at party: cops

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What Doctors Wish You Knew About Sex Addiction | Reader’s Digest

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Rate of pregnant (witch) women addicted to opioids skyrocketed in 15 years

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Fetus found by cleaning crew on plane at LaGuardia Airport result of Brooklyn teen’s miscarriage |

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BBC News: German couple jailed for selling son to paedophiles on dark net

Sex fiend who broke into a teenage girl’s bedroom after she accidentally added him on Snapchat is jailed

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Fertility clinics advertise gender selection, an ethical quandary

Mary Magdalene: who was she and was she really a prostitute? Why do people believe the myth that she was a sinner? – History Extra

Facebook Dating will be a feature, not an app; here’s a peek | TechCrunch

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Do Men Really Hook Up More Than Women?


Teen student defends teacher accused of having sex with her

Doctor debunks Kardashians’ bizarre vagina tips… and here’s why you should IGNORE all of them

16-Year-Old Girl Dies From Toxic Shock Bacteria Found on Tampon |

Sex Robot Samantha Upgraded With Moral Code

Stressing About Money Might Be Killing Your Sex Life. Here’s How To Revive It. | HuffPost

Sex injury: Woman breaks husband’s penis and now he needs SURGERY to fix it | Daily Star

Congress Wants to Ban Sex Dolls That Look Like Kids –

Two ‘Best Friends’ Arrested for Having Sex With Minors: Santa Clara Sheriff | NBC Bay Area

Why Are High School Students Having Less Sex?

Tennessee man allegedly attempted to rape pal’s mom during sleepover: police

Raw Movie, Santa Clarita Diet, Cannibalism and Sexuality | The Mary Sue

Loneliness does more than pull on your heart strings — it may hurt your heart – ABC News

Banned pregnancy drug tied to ADHD generations later | Fox News

Blogger’s ‘vagina whitening’ post goes viral in worst way

Stormy Daniels’ Most Shocking Penthouse Revelations: On Trump’s Hair, Penis, and More

Austrian man ‘murdered prostitute, hacked up her body then stuffed her entrails in his freezer to eat later’ | South China Morning Post

What Happened To The 7-Year-Old Prostitute In New Mexico? New Details Child Pimped And Sexually Abused By Father And Mother | YourTango

BBC News: Sumo wrestling: The growing sexism problem in Japan’s traditional sport

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

Sumo wrestling: The growing sexism problem in Japan’s traditional sport –

‘Homeless-looking’ man confesses to sex with horse using overturned bucket, cops say | Fox News

Cosby Gets Convicted and Thrown in The Slammer

“Comedian Bill Cosby convicted of sexual assault in retrial” –

Tinder and Instagram are ‘crippling’ relationships, says sex therapist Esther Perel

BBC News: The Rohingya children trafficked for sex

I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it:

The Rohingya children trafficked for sex –

Face-faking AI isn’t just for porn

College Student Kicked Out of Class for telling Professor there are only 2 genders

‘Beyond evil’ paedophile gang who raped babies and toddlers and streamed their vile crimes on the internet to sex abusers around the world are jailed for 78 years